$ O $

Money is fundamentally a system
to enforce a certain hierarchy of power.

It is designed so great wealth always gets richer,
and poverty is a torture of a thousand cuts.

We people in between these extremes
are pulled and pushed from above and below.

We strive to climb, but often find
the guarded gates of class and culture.

We struggle not to fall into poverty.
Everybody kicks you when you’re down.

All our striving and struggling
feeds us, but moreso feeds the billionaires.

Bankers are given power to conjure money out of thin air,
to loan it out and demand it back, with interest.

Thus they turn the rich life force of the land and the people
into numbers by which they rule the world.

Why do only those particular people, those bankers, have that power?
I thought we got rid of the kings!

And why does so much money still flow
to those who just take things by force?

Crime pays better than anything,
if you own the law and the banks.

Could there be a different kind of money,
arising in the people,
not decreed from on high by a fancy suit?

A currency of trust and joy?