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New Calendar and Prints Available

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Thumbnail images for “Dynamic Elements: Photography of Fire and Water by Fred Hatt”, a calendar for sale on RedBubble.com

In time for last-minute holiday shopping, I’ve added a lot of new material to my page at RedBubble, the print-on-demand source for beautiful quality prints, cards and calendars.

The images above are from the new calendar “Dynamic Elements”, featuring my photos of fire and water.    You can order it or my earlier “Energy Within: The Art of Fred Hatt” calendar starting with any month you wish.

I’ve also uploaded a lot of my new figure drawing, body painting, and light painting images, available as greeting cards, postcards, posters, or prints – matted, mounted, or framed – in various sizes.  I’ve chosen images that have proven popular, based on page views here, or reposts on Tumblr or Pinterest.  If there are images from Drawing Life or one of my other sites you’d like to have made available there, let me know in the comments.

Prices are reasonable and the quality of the items I’ve ordered from RedBubble has been top-notch.  Please check out my portfolio on RedBubble.


Give the Gift of Fred

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Images from the calendar "Energy Within: The Art of Fred Hatt" from RedBubble


Get my brand new calendar, Energy Within: The Art of Fred Hatt for your friends and loved ones who appreciate fine art, beautiful bodies, and psychedelic expressionism!

Or order any of the individual twelve images as a card or as a print in a range of sizes and formats at my RedBubble page.

Scroll to the bottom of the RedBubble page to click Safe Filter off.

Please let me know if there are particular images from the blog or my portfolio sites that you would like me to make available as prints or cards.  And if you do order something through RedBubble, please give me feedback about the service and the quality!

Want something more special?  Get a gift your loved one will cherish forever: an original commissioned portrait or figure drawing by me!  For details on how to contact me for inquiries on commissioned work, original artwork, or custom prints, see the blog’s purchase page.

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Solstice, and Happy Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Yule/Festivus/Saturnalia/New Year or whatever you celebrate!


My Art Can Be Yours

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Fred Hatt at the opening of the group exhibition "Lineal Investigations" at Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 2007. Fred Hatt's large drawing "Mesh" is seen at right. Photo by Susan Berkowitz

I still sometimes show my work in art galleries, but this blog has become my best venue.  It allows me to present much more work to a much larger audience, and it’s freely accessible almost everywhere.

I won’t criticize galleries here, as they can perform vital functions in promoting and legitimizing an artist’s work, and of course viewing artwork on the web in no way equals the experience of seeing the original work.  But I often have more visitors to this blog in one day than visitors that see my work in a gallery during the entire run of a show.  For the art lover, the blog is always open, doesn’t require walking a mile from the nearest subway, and instead of being eyed disdainfully by a gallery attendant hiding behind a computer monitor, you get to hide behind a computer monitor yourself!

The price of work sold through a gallery must usually cover a large gallery commission, as well as the cost of framing the work.  This can make it very expensive.

I grew up in Oklahoma and didn’t have much access to art galleries.  I was introduced to the arts through art books, periodicals, PBS shows, and other such relatively populist media.  I’ve always seen art as something that should be shared broadly.  I’ve never really identified with the elitist high-luxe commodity culture approach that’s behind the marketing of today’s art stars.

So today on this blog I’m launching my Purchase page.  It’s really simple.  You can order inexpensive prints of any of my work that I’ve posted here or on my other websites, or you can get original artwork direct from me for less than you’d pay at a gallery.  In either case, just email me.

I expect the Purchase page to grow over time, with the addition of books, DVDs and other original media.  I’m also open to commissions, suggestions or requests, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

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