I was a Weird kid.
Weird is hard to be,
but yar what yar,
and Weird Be Ye.

Nowaday Weird Ones
want acceptance as Normal.
But Normals a trap!
When too many are Normal,
the Rot sets in.
It can get bad fast.

You can be Normal.
Just sand off your sharp edges
and buy into the System
with all its unfairness
and meanness.
Me I choose to stay Weird.

Be your Weird and real Self
and uplift your people.
Normal is aught but a notion –
It may vanish like a shadow
when the light shifts.
And then wherlyou be?

Let the Weird get to Work,
for the need is great,
the will is strong,
the odds are long.
Be at

Gory Orally Hallow Luya!